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NGO Security Management

Time for a Humanitarian Black Box?

At least sixteen hospitals were bombed in Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen over the past few weeks. Powerful nations carried out the aerial bombing campaigns that damaged infrastructure and killed humanitarian staff and civilians. However, the circumstances are usually disputed. Perhaps it is time the humanitarian community installed black boxes to record such events? This article presents a device that records forensic evidence of what happened where, when and who did it. It is a call to the humanitarian community to take part in generating the evidence that will force states to take their responsibilities in protecting humanitarian work seriously.

23 Nov 2015 Blog

Welcome to Shaun Bickley, GISF interim Executive Coordinator

We are delighted to welcome Shaun Bickley to GISF. Shaun is taking over from Lisa Reilly as interim Executive Coordinator from November 2015 until March 2016. Shaun also covered the GISF Executive Coordinator post prior to Lisa taking on the role, so he is very familiar with the running of GISF. Shaun has more than 20 years’ experience in humanitarian access and security, in some of the most challenging conflict and crisis situations. As a leading humanitarian security consultant and facilitator, he has worked with a wide variety of organisations including British Red Cross, Save the Children, Plan International, Oxfam, Merlin, MSF (Holland), Islamic Relief, CARE International, Action Aid, Christian Aid, VSO and RedR.

18 Nov 2015 News

Sexual Violence Conference Report

The CHS Alliance hosted a successful conference on Sexual Violence Management for the Humanitarian sector in early September 2015 that saw over 50 security, health, well-being and HR experts come together to find ways to improve the management of sexual…

12 Nov 2015 Resource

Aid Security Monthly News Brief – October 2015

This monthly digest documents threats and incidents of violence affecting the delivery of humanitarian assistance. It is prepared by Insecurity Insight from information available in open sources. It complements resources that already exist, such as the Aid Worker Security Database,…

6 Nov 2015 Resource

GISF Webinar | Applying Serious Gaming to Humanitarian Security

In this GISF webinar, Raquel Vazquez Llorente, GISF Research Advisor and Atish Gonsalves, Founder of Mobilize.life discuss the opportunities and challenges of integrating serious gaming technology into NGO security training. The webinar explores how new technologies can be used when training humanitarian staff to respond…

30 Oct 2015 Resource

In the News: Sexual violence against aid workers

Humanitarian response evaluations habitually find gender-based harassment to be a problem, with measures to prevent and respond to incidents proving inadequate. Subsequent rhetoric often fails to translate into reality and harassment continues on a day-to-day basis, both for civilians and aid workers. This article is largely centred on sexual violence against humanitarian workers, exploring the pervasive issue and potential responses.

29 Oct 2015 Blog

Applying serious gaming to humanitarian security

Mobile devices can be used to simulate ‘mixed-reality’ environments, allowing the learners to move between virtual tasks assigned on the device and the physical environment. To this end, an application framework, authoring tool and mobile app are currently under development by Mobilize.life, with an aim to go live in early 2016.

21 Oct 2015 Blog

Crisis communications for charities: a best practice guide

Charity Comms exists to improve the standard of communications and champion its role in the charity sector. Set up in 2007, Charity Comms has over 4,000 individuals involved as members, from over 500 charities. Working with independent comms consultants Champollion…

20 Oct 2015 Resource

Working in High Risk Areas: Duties and Regulatory Expectations

This report summarises a one-day workshop, hosted by the Charity Commission in 2015, centred on duties and regulatory expectations when working in high-risk environments. The workshop, convened in partnership with the Muslim Charities Forum, produced an open and wide-ranging discussion…

20 Oct 2015 Resource