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2-day Security Awareness Training

2-day Security Awareness Training table
Start date2 Dec 2021
End date3 Dec 2021
Time10:44 am GMT |5:44 AM EST
Provider PMO Security Risk Management (PMO-SRM)
Type Personal, Security, Personal Security, Field Security
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Designed specifically for humanitarian staff in Lebanon and Syria, and for ALL staff positions. We offer a 2-day, contextualised security awareness training on location to increase the accessibility of trainings to all levels of staff.


Safe Travel Course (formerly Basic Course Light)

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NGO Safety and Security Training (HEAT)

Forth Global NGO Safety & Security HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) courses teach you how you can safely travel and work abroad. Especially in more risky areas, such as Africa, South America, Asia, the Middle East or Eastern Europe. They train from a non-militaristic, human approach. In addition, they bring…

Security Awareness & First Aid 1-day Refresher (HEAT) Training

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