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3-Day HEAT (Personal Field Security Training)

3-Day HEAT (Personal Field Security Training) table
Start date12 Sep 2024
End date14 Sep 2024
Time1:36 am BST |8:36 PM EDT
Provider OTHER SOLUTIONS Consulting
LocationNairobi, Kenya
Type Personal, Security, Personal Security, First aid, Field Security, Humanitarian, HEAT, Incident Reporting, Personal protection, Personal safety and security, Situational awareness, Stress and trauma treatment
Booking URLhttps://othersolutions.net/open-courses/pfst-personal-field-security-training-residential-in-english-22/

Our 3-day HEAT course – also known as Personal Field Security Training or PFST – will be conducted in English.

For whom?  
This training is intended for local and international professionals in the development, human rights and environmental protection sectors, working in a hostile environment (with uncertain security).

Why join a 3-day HEAT/PFST? 
Our training format aims at strengthening the preparation and awareness of people working or preparing to work in disrupted environments, providing the participants with the knowledge and tools to anticipate and react to threats in their areas of work. Through a participatory approach, the pedagogical team ensures that participants develop their knowledge and skills.

Our HEAT and PFST programs are very similar in content and objectives. The ‘PFST’ is a shorter-form but fully certified 3-day program, whilst the term ‘HEAT’ refers to a longer and more involved training program of 5 days which includes some additional specific teaching (esp. extended First Aid sessions) and additional certificates.

What content? 
1. Principles of personal security
2. First aid / Trauma
3. Communication
4. Effects of weapons
5. Sexual violence
6. Mines, UXO and IED
7. Safety and security in premises
8. Security and Access Management
9. Stress management
10. Hibernation, relocalisation and evacuation

Why choose Other Solutions Consulting? 
We bring together local and international trainers with complementary backgrounds (humanitarian sector, private sector, armed forces), all with high qualifications and certifications.

Our PFST program has been designed and evaluated by experienced trainers who come primarily from the sectors we daily work with (development aid, human rights, but also environmental protection, journalism, etc.).

Our PFST program uses a combination of theory and practice (respect. 30 and 70% on the time during the session), including simulations that place participants in realistic situations to implement what they have learned in the theoretical modules. This type of “immersive” experience provides an essential added pedagogical value and has been extensively studied and developed in the social sciences.

What certification will the participants get? 
You will receive two internationally recognised certificates, a badge of competence and an OSC certificate of participation.
1. EFR (Emergency First Response) certificate.
2. Stop The Bleed certificate for the First Aid course.
3. The HPass badge.
4. Certificate of participation issued by OTHER SOLUTIONS.

How long does the training last? 
26 hours over 3 days, from 8am to 5pm

This training course is also delivered in many other countries, giving your teams the opportunity to reach or maintain their level of operational readiness in the field. If you are interested in another training course, contact us (contact@othersolutions.net) or visit our training calendar on OtherSolutions.net .


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