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Crisis Management Workshop (Online)

Crisis Management Workshop (Online) table
Date17 Apr 2020
Provider International Location Safety (ILS)
Type Crisis, Virtual
Cost£ on enquiry
Booking URLhttps://locationsafety.com/training-calendar

1 Week • 3 Modules • Instructor-led online course

The ability to effectively manage a crisis or a critical incident is central to any organisation’s duty of care. Having the required processes, systems, and people in place is a critical component in any organisation’s safety and security thinking (and beyond!), and a benchmark in establishing responsible employment practices.

The Online Crisis Management Workshop is an interactive, simulation-based learning experience that utilises a range of multimedia formats. Examining the psychological needs and pressures placed upon the crisis managers, those directly affected by the incident(s), their families and other colleagues during times of crisis, the workshop tests systems and reinforces the critical skills required to be a successful crisis management team member.

Each programme is written specifically for the commissioning agency, focussing on their programmes, existing crisis / critical incident management processes, and guidelines. The workshop includes a pre-simulation session to familiarise participants, followed by an intensive simulation on a separate day. The workshop concludes with a Debriefing and After-Action Review on a separate day. This training is for Crisis Managers at all levels, potentially including: Senior Leadership Teams, Human Resource Professionals, Communications Professionals, Crisis Administrators and Security Focal Points.

This is a bespoke course so please contact us at info@locationsafety.com for pricing and booking


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