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Family & Witness Liaison Workshop

Family & Witness Liaison Workshop table
Start date21 Mar 2023
End date21 Mar 2023
Time9:00 am GMT |5:00 AM EDT
Provider Control Risks
LocationLondon, UK
Type Crisis, Other, Crisis management, Stress and trauma treatment
Cost$2,400 USD per person
Booking URLemeatrainingops@controlrisks.com

In responding effectively to a significant incident or event it is imperative that the crisis management organisation earns the confidence of the family and those involved which may include witnesses from the outset and maintains that confidence throughout.

Control Risks’ Family and Witness Liaison training provides an understanding of the issues those in the role are likely to face, and the procedures to be followed. Participants will be provided with a thorough understanding of the recommended tools and techniques.

Our training package includes:

  • Roles of the family/witness liaison coordinator and liaison representative
  • Building rapport with the family/witness and managing relationships
  • Dealing with difficult requests
  • Supporting the family and witnesses
  • Post-incident management

Who should attend?

Designed for those responsible for supporting the family of a victim or witness either directly or indirectly, throughout an incident.

Following completion of the course each participant will receive a certificate of completion outlining the training received and the date of attendance.


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