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Humanitarian programme: managing safety, security & logistics

Humanitarian programme: managing safety, security & logistics table
Start date10 Nov 2020
End date17 Nov 2020
Time9:00 am GMT |4:00 AM EST
Provider Bioforce
LocationVénissieux, France
Type Security
Cost850 €
Booking URLhttps://www.bioforce.org/en/learn/humanitarian-training-courses/find-my-course/

By attending this open training course, you will know:

To define and implement safety & security measures adapted to a specific context
To Mitigate the risk and enable the programme implementation in a volatile context
The different steps of supply chain and the responsabilities of a programme manager in the procurement rollout
The process of equipment and asset maintenance

Days 1 & 2 Managing team safety and security: Security management framework + Analysis (context, stakeholders and risk) + Security strategies and implementation
Day 3: Stress management introduction + Accident & incident management
Day 4: Supply chain
Day 5: Equipment Maintenance management

This training course is for you if you are already working or would like to work as a manager in the humanitarian sector.

mandatory Bachelor’s degree B.A. English language level required: B2 minimum (according to European language levels – Self Assessment Grid)


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