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Online Hostile Environment Course

Online Hostile Environment Course table
Start date2 Nov 2020
End date5 Nov 2020
Time9:00 am GMT |4:00 AM EST
Provider Eurocheck Security Consultants
Type Crisis, Security, Security Risk Management, Virtual, Personal
Cost€242 per head including VAT
Booking URLhttp://eurocheck.ie/

This online/blended learning hostile environment course will help to prepare you to work in medium to high risk environments. The course includes a short pre-course reading assignment and a short pre-course introductory video followed by approx 11 hours of live online training using Zoom. The online sessions include; introduction to risk assessment, basic security awareness including airports, hotels, accommodation, avoiding and dealing with sexual assault, identified threats including checkpoints and carjacking, negotiation strategies, explosive devices, shelling and crossfire and kidnap. Online exercises and role plays are used throughout the course and plenty of time is allowed for questions and discussion.


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