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Online training: PFST (Personal Security Field Training)

Online training: PFST (Personal Security Field Training) table
Start date4 Nov 2020
End date13 Nov 2020
Time9:00 am GMT |4:00 AM EST
Provider OTHER SOLUTIONS Consulting
Type Crisis, Personal, Security, Virtual
CostPlease contact us for a TAILORED PRICE at contact@othersolutions.net (20% discount for nationals NGOs - other discounts may apply).
Booking URLhttps://othersolutions.net/training/open-sessions/

This training was specifically designed for aid workers working in or travelling to medium/high-risk environments or remote areas in order to increase their level of awareness and preparedness and allow them to help beneficiaries while increasing their own safety. Its goal is simple: providing a set of tools for the participants to prepare effectively for the management of their personal security in their working environment.

More specifically, it is intended to provide:

• AWARENESS of the practical realities of managing personal security abroad in the frame of aid operations.
• KNOWLEDGE of basic tools for managing personal security abroad in the frame of aid operations.
• SKILLS for managing personal security abroad in the frame of aid operations.
These 3 components are used under the acronym AKS.

Components of the training

To meet these objectives, the training course has four mutually reinforcing components:

• Theoretical sessions, aimed at consolidating methods (pre-departure checklist, do’s and don’ts in violent situations, etc.);
• Practical sessions, aimed at training in basic practices (first aid, radio protocols, etc.);
• Simulations, which aim to crystallize the use of the above-mentioned methods and practices in a tangible framework;
• Validation and feedback sessions (debriefings and key takeaways).

Topics addressed:

• Personal security
• Preparation of the mission
• National Staff
• First Aid
• Communications
• Threats when travelling in vehicles
• Orientation
• Personal risk assessment
• Incident reporting
• Hibernation, Evacuation, Relocation
• Sexual violence
• Weapons in the field
• Hostage situation and kidnapping
• Dealing with aggressive behaviour
• Operations (Food Distribution example)

Successful participants will receive the following certification:
– OSC-Highfield Training Certificate (www.highfieldabc.ae)
– Emergency First Responder Certificate. (www.emergencyfirstresponse.com)
– OSC PFST HPass Badge

Audience: This training is suitable for every Humanitarian worker present in the field.

Please contact us on +44 20 38 45 66 91 or via email at contact@othersolutions.net for quotes. You can also register and book online via our website .

We look forward to meeting you soon!
The OSC Team.


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