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Personal Field Security Training (PFST) – Iraq, Erbil

Personal Field Security Training (PFST) – Iraq, Erbil table
Start date6 Jan 2022
End date8 Jan 2022
Provider OTHER SOLUTIONS Consulting
Type Personal, Security, Personal Security, First aid, Field Security
Cost950€ for a non-residential 3 full-day training with morning and afternoon snacks, lunches and all training materials. Also includes an HPass badge, international Highfield certificate, stop the bleed certificate and EFR certification (Emergency First response).
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Training dates: January 6, 7, 8 – 2022

This training on personal security in the humanitarian sector, developed by OTHER SOLUTIONS, has a simple main objective: to provide participants with a set of tools to prepare them effectively to manage their personal security in the field. It aims to train humanitarian staff deployed in high-risk or isolated areas, in order to increase their awareness and preparedness, and to enable them to assist beneficiaries while ensuring their own safety.

This training is 70% practical and 30% theoretical.

More specifically, it aims to provide:

Awareness of practical realities
Knowledge of basic tools
Know-how through the acquisition of skills, to manage their personal security abroad in the context of aid operations.
These 3 components are used under the international acronym AKS (Awareness, Knowledge, Skills).

Components of the training:

To achieve these objectives, the training consists of four mutually reinforcing components:

Theoretical sessions, aimed at consolidating methods (pre-departure checklist, do’s and don’ts in violent situations, etc.);
Practical sessions, aimed at training in essential basic practices (first aid, radio protocols, etc.);
Simulations, aimed at crystallizing the use of the above-mentioned methods and practices in a tangible setting;
Validation and feedback sessions (debriefings and key lessons learned).
Different types of pedagogical tools and resources can be associated with these components.
Topics covered:

Personal safety
Preparation of the mission
First aid
Threats when travelling in vehicles
Personal risk assessment
Incident reports
Hibernation, evacuation, relocation
Sexual violence
Weapons in the field
Hostage situation and kidnapping
Managing with aggressive behaviour
Operations (example of food distribution)

Upon completion of the training and successful completion of all modules, participants will be awarded 4 certificates:

Highfield Training Certificate (www.highfieldabc.ae)
EFR – Emergency First Response Certificate (www.emergencyfirstresponse.com)
Stop The Bleed certificate
Audience: All humanitarian personnel working in the field.

The OSC team looks forward to meeting you!


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