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Security Awareness Drivers 2-days

Security Awareness Drivers 2-days table
Start date28 Mar 2022
End date29 Mar 2022
Time9:00 am EEST |2:00 AM EDT
Provider PMO Security Risk Management (PMO-SRM)
Type Gender, Humanitarian, HEAT, Personal, Security, Personal Security, First aid, Field Security
Cost575 Euro
Booking URLhttps://pmo-srm.org/securityawarenssforhumanitarianstaff/

PMO Security Risk Management will organise two essential safety and security trainings in Ukraine, specifically designed for humanitarian staff. They will be offering a contextualised Security Awareness Training for ALL Staff and a Security Awareness Training for Drivers.


  • Travel and road safety,
  • Driver responsibility & the law,
  • Movement and field visits,
  • Organisational driving policy,
  • IHL & IHRL,
  • Vehicle and movement,
  • SOPs,
  • Planning and movement,
  • Communication,
  • Driving and vehicle safety,
  • Basic maintenance,
  • Medical emergency,
  • Four-wheel drive,
  • Defensive tactical driving techniques,
  • Driving in Dangerous Environments

Training will have simultaneous interpretation in Ukrainian.


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