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Security Awareness & First Aid Training (HEAT)

Security Awareness & First Aid Training (HEAT) table
Start date10 Aug 2020
End date12 Aug 2020
Provider International Location Safety (ILS)
Type Personal, Security
Booking URLhttps://locationsafety.com/security-awareness-first-aid

In an age when violent attacks against aid workers are commonplace, it is important that organisations take proactive steps to ensure that their deployable staff are adequately trained and prepared to work in high risk and hazardous environments.

Offering a giant leap forward in Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT); SAFA provides our clients with an immersive, cost effective, risk appropriate and in-depth training to prepare for the realities of travelling to or living in hazardous or ‘deep field’ locations.

Utilising wide ranging simulations to support fascinating class based theory lessons, this course immerses the student in 3 days of intense learning. The course interweaves modules on physical security and remote first aid, with the human factors that influence personal safety, aggression and interpersonal violence.


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