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Strategic Leadership Training

Strategic Leadership Training table
Start date10 Sep 2022
End date12 Sep 2022
Time8:00 am BST |3:00 AM EDT
Provider Human Development Forum Foundation (HDFF)
LocationBangkok, Thailand
Type Conference, Strategic Leadership, Team Management
CostRegular Price – $ 795 USD Early Bird Discount – $ 700 USD
Booking URL

HDFF’s 2.5-day Strategic Leadership Training for general public, government and UN organizations’ personnel as well as corporate personnel is a course for modern 21st century leaders. This course addresses topics like global leadership and performance management, strategic planning, risk management in project contexts, motivation, delegation and empowerment, conflict resolution, talent management and financial management and Good Governance needed by every modern leader of team, departments or organizations. The training is conducted by internationally experienced and culturally sensitive facilitators in an utmost participatory way.


  • To improve participants’ understanding of global leadership requirements related to strategy, human resources, financial resources and good governance
  • To increase understanding of risk management approaches and related modern leadership skills


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