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Training for Security Advisors, Focal Points and Managers

Training for Security Advisors, Focal Points and Managers table
Start date23 Nov 2021
End date23 Nov 2021
Time2:57 am GMT |9:57 PM EST
Provider PMO Security Risk Management (PMO-SRM)
Type Security, Security Risk Management, Field Security, Team Management, Security Management
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Main Objectives:
• Meeting Duty of Care requirements at country and field offices
• Knowing what threats and risks your staff face and how to respond to them


PFST / PERSONAL FIELD SECURITY TRAINING – 5 half-days (morning) – English

This training was specifically designed for aid workers who are working in or travelling to medium/high-risk environments but also in remote areas; in order to increase their level of awareness and preparedness. This training will allow them to help beneficiaries while increasing their own safety. The goal is simple: to…

Basic HEAT Course

Our Basic HEAT Course prepares you for travelling and working in dangerous areas After a long flight, you arrive at your hotel. You step out of the taxi, turn around and are confronted with a weapon. The robber is shouting at you. What do you do? Fight, flee or freeze?…

Female Traveller Training

To gain awareness and confidence as a female traveller is the core objective of Global Risk Advice’s one day safety for female travellers training. The majority of the security challenges of men and women serving INGO’s are the same. Women are not necessarily more vulnerable than men, but they do…