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Women’s Safety During Travel & At Home

Women’s Safety During Travel & At Home table
Start date9 Feb 2021
End date11 Feb 2021
Time8:00 am +07 |1:00 AM GMT
Provider Human Development Forum Foundation (HDFF)
LocationBangkok, Thailand
Type Security Risk Management, Strategic Leadership, Personal, Security
CostPrice for 1 day: 225 USD ; Package (2 days) 395 USD PAYMENT MUST BE MADE 10 DAYS BEFORE TRAINING STARTS!!
Booking URLhttp://hdff.org/registration/

The two-day HDFF designed Stay Safe Women Security Training is a gender specific workshop and aims to enable implementing female personnel be able to cope with gender based security issues and hotel security related matters as well increase their situational awareness and.

Briefings on PTSD / MHPSS as well as weapons effects and active shooter behaviour will increase the mitigation skills of the participants who then in the practical part will gain confidence in dealing with aggression incl. violent crimes by using basic self-defence techniques. This will increase the confidence of female staff members during their daily commute and work.

All private experiences of the participants stay private!

Day 1 will concentrate  on environmental screening and practical self-defence against sexual harassment.

Day 2 will  focus on house/hotel/venue safety As well as Active Shooter situations.


  • To increase the situational awareness of female staffs in commute and daily work
  • To increase confidence in dealing with challenging situations and matters
  • To understand how to cope with aggression and violent crime situations
  • To be able to apply basic self-defence techniques in critical situations

HDFF has COVID policy in place to protect everybody during the training!

For more information, please visit HDFF’s website


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