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Women’s Safety During Travel & At Home

Women’s Safety During Travel & At Home table
Start date16 Nov 2020
End date17 Nov 2020
Provider Human Development Forum Foundation (HDFF)
LocationBangkok, Thailand, Thailand
Type Security Risk Management, Personal, Security
CostPrice for 1 day: 225 USD ; Package (2 days) 395 USD PAYMENT MUST BE MADE 10 DAYS BEFORE TRAINING STARTS!!
Booking URLhttp://hdff.org/registration/

The two one-day HDFF designed Stay Safe Training “Women Safety” Stay safe Training aim to enable every woman to establishing a personal Risk Management and related mitigation measures.

Day 1 will concentrate on environmental screening and practical self-defense against sexual harassment.

Day 2 will focus on house/hotel/venue safety As well as Active Shooter situations.**


To increase the situational awareness of female staffs in commute and daily work
To increase confidence in dealing with challenging situations and matters
To understand how to cope with aggression and violent crime situations
To be able to apply basic self-defense techniques in critical situations


For Thai residents only


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