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The Future of Violent Extremism in the Middle East

The Future of Violent Extremism in the Middle East table
Date22 Mar 2021
Time10:30 am 12:00 pm EDT |2:30 pm4:00 pm GMT
Provider Wilson Center
Type Virtual
CostNo Cost
Booking URLhttps://engage.wilsoncenter.org/a/future-violent-extremism-middle-east?utm_campaign=mep&utm_medium=email&utm_source=event&emci=2fe16019-7783-eb11-85aa-00155d43c992&emdi=8fe81cbd-9685-eb11-85aa-00155d43c992&ceid=241938

March 23 marks two years since the collapse of the Islamic State’s caliphate, which for five years represented the pinnacle of jihadi extremism in the 21st century. Yet ISIS is estimated to have at least 10,000 fighters still capable of marauding attacks, assassinations and bombings in Iraq and Syria. More than a dozen franchises–stretching from West Africa to East Asia—also represent a threat to local, regional and international security. And ISIS globally remains an engine for radicalisation.

Four experts will explore the challenges of ISIS today: What are its future prospects, given that many of the political and economic flash-points that spawned ISIS have still not been addressed? Are there any signs that either ISIS — or jihadism generally–is being rejected. And why, or why not?



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