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The Global Interagency Security Forum (formerly EISF) is a member-led NGO forum that drives change through our global network of over 130 member organisations. We influence good security risk management practice that works for the whole humanitarian sector, improving the security of aid workers and operations for sustainable access.


  • New module from 'Keeping Up With COVID-19' series now available
    05 Jan 2022

    In the latest module from our Keeping up with COVID-19 series, how to address digital risks is considered by author James Davis.

    The impact of COVID-19 on the aid sector has been felt in many areas, but perhaps the most noticeable has been the digitalisation of the way we work. While there have always been risks surrounding data theft, there are now also digital risks relating to how we run programmes, training, communications and more.

    Not only does this module outline the scope of digital risks, it also provides guidance on how to mitigate these risks appropriately, including good digital practice, and consideration of the profiles of staff who are more likely to be at risk.

    You can find this module, as well as the entire Keeping up with COVID-19 series so far, in Themes, Coronavirus (COVID-19).