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Published: October 7, 2020

Inclusive Security Risk Management at CBM

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On October 6th 2020 Léa, Research Advisor at GISF contributed to an internal event at CBM on inclusive security risk management. The conference aimed to demystify and raise awareness of CBM staff of inclusivity and diversity concerns related to security risk management.

Building on GISF research paper, Managing the Security of Aid Workers with Diverse Profiles (2018), Léa discussed the meaning of inclusivity and its relevance for SRM (especially considering the interdependency of staff safety and organisation’s security as well as programme effectiveness).

After highlighting some of the challenges preventing the application of person-centred approach to SRM, such as the lack of training or technical knowledge in the matter, three main steps to foster inclusive security were put forward:

  • The importance of listening and being curious about the security experiences of staff with diverse profiles, as well as the relevance of developing such soft skills for security managers
  • The need to invest in building relationships of trust, to ensure staff feel safe disclosing their concerns and receive adequate support
  • The necessity to improve collaboration between departments and to create positive – or inclusive – culture within organisations.