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Published: June 16, 2020

INSSA Regional Level SRM Professional Certification available on Disaster Ready

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In partnership with the International NGO Safety and Security Association (INSSA), DisasterReady now offers free resources to help professionals prepare and maintain certification as an NGO Security Risk Management Professional at the Country level and Regional level.

Gaining certification indicates that an INSSA member has demonstrated a specific level of competence as an INSSA security risk management professional.  The SRMP-Regional certification tests for competencies required of security professionals with a mandate of two or more countries and/or having region-wide responsibilities.

INSSA certification process and requirements are described below.

Eligibility Requirements

Before applying to take the INSSA SRMP-Regional level examination, applicants must be an INSSA member in good standing and have no record of criminal activity or professional misconduct. INSSA membership includes the requirement to agree to abide by the INSSA Code of Conduct. The cost of sitting the SRMP-Regional level examination is US$299.

To be eligible to apply for the SRMP-Regional level certification, applicants must have a minimum of:

  • SRMP-Country level certification, AND
  • six months’ experience managing risks in two or more countries, OR
  • six months’ experience as a regional security manager

Please note: You will first need to be certified at the SRMP-Country level to be eligible to sit for the SRMP-Regional level examination.

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