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GISF in the last six months: recap from August 2017 to January 2018

19 January 2018

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GISF in the last six months: recap from August 2017 to January 2018

This is also available in a PDF document at the bottom of the page. 


EISF Publications



Digital Security of LGBTQI Aid Workers: Awareness and Response


World Humanitarian Day blog: Humanitarian access in a changing world: why security risk management matters

Improving relations between programmes staff and security advisors

INSSA Security Risk Management Competency Framework Launched

Join GISF at Borderless 2018


Security Incident Information Management (SIIM) handbook

Abduction and Kidnap Risk Management (members only)

Security To Go in Spanish (published week starting on 22nd of January).


EISF Events Online and Offline


EISF and Disaster Ready WebTalks: The why and how of good security risk management

Forum in London: Notes and presentations (members only)

EISF chat launched (members only)

Family support workshop with Hostage UK in Paris.

Linked GISF publications: Abduction and Kidnap Risk Management (members only) and Family First and Managing the Message

Workshop for the Muslim Charities Forum in Birmingham, UK: Developing effective security risk management.

Linked GISF publication: Security risk management: a basic guide for smaller NGOs

Crisis management workshops in Amman.


EISF Podcast


Episode 1: Enabling humanitarian access

Episode 2: Humanitarian principles

Episode 3: The role of a Global Security Advisor

Episode 4: Working in the field

Episode 5: Improving access through coordination

Episode 6: The donors’ perspective


Collaboration with security coordination forums


The GISF Secretariat team is available to support other organisations and security coordination forums. The examples below show what we do and what you could ask from us: 


Report the Abuse good practice tools published on the GISF website.

Interview with Devex: More than bunkers and barbed wire – why security jobs are fascinating

Presentation at the CHS Alliance HHR Europe conference on Managing the security of aid workers with diverse profiles.

Presentation at the Dutch Security Network workshop in Amsterdam: The security management of partner organisations – why should we care?

Presentation at the CHS Alliance HHR Asia conference on Managing the security of aid workers with diverse profiles.

Interview with CHS Alliance: No organisational resilience without inclusive staff security

Interview with Die Stiftung about humanitarian security risk management.

Crisis management awareness workshop in London by the Met Police with the UK Security Focal Points Group and the Muslim Charities Forum.


Whispering when Everyone is Listening: Low-Tech Communications Technology Implementations in High-Risk Contexts

In this article, Keith Porcaro and Laura Walker Hudson examine relevant case studies around the use of communications technology in high-risk contexts and suggest useful programme practices for high-risk implementations, from community outreach and crafting message content to implementation practices that minimise risk to staff, community members, and user data.

Humanitarian actors’ risk management in complex environments: are private security companies a solution?

The paper highlights NGO'S increasing dilemma of having to choose between staying in extremely dangerous contexts at their own risk or giving up and leaving behind populations in need. The paper then raises the question of whether the use of private security can contribute to bring solutions- or not -…