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Inter P Comms – Checkpoint

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25 January 2021
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Inter P Comms – Checkpoint

 This RedR ‘talking point video’ shows aid workers acting in a disrespectful manner at a checkpoint which causes a dangerous and negative response.



The Aid Security Monthly News Brief – April 2015

This monthly digest documents threats and incidents of violence affecting the delivery of humanitarian assistance.

Toolkit for Principled Humanitarian Action: Managing Counterterrorism Risks

This toolkit, created by the Norwegian Refugee Council, is designed to raise awareness of counterterrorism-related risks so that organisations can identify and mitigate these, and to make risk management approaches accessible to a broad range of staff who can use them in their day to day work. 

Context Consideration Template

A tool for NGOs to examine country considerations such as the government/political situation, law and order, commodities, options/availability of means to evacuate, FCO position, Appetite to stay (personal), operations, security of staff, condition of personnel, and other issues for consideration.