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Medical Incident Flowchart Example

Image for Medical Incident Flowchart Example
4 August 2020

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Medical Incident Flowchart Example

A flowchart indicating the steps to take when a medical incident occurs.


Sexual Violence Conference Report

The CHS Alliance hosted an important conference on Sexual Violence Management for the Humanitarian sector in early September. This document summarises the event speakers and offers action points for NGOs.

GISF Afghanistan Roundtable 8: Notes

On February 7th, GISF hosted an eighth roundtable on the evolving security situation in Afghanistan. The aim of this roundtable discussion, facilitated by GISF, was to provide members with an opportunity to share information, concerns, and questions on responses to the evolving situation in Afghanistan. The roundtable was not designed…

International NGOs’ Security Manager: Mindset, Attributes, Skills and Knowledge of Today’s Humanitarian Security Professional

This academic thesis examines the mindset, attributes, skills and knowledge of contemporary humanitarian security professionals. Its conclusions, based on a literature review and key informant interviews, are that the majority of security managers are from uniformed backgrounds, are often considered as obstacles for conducting NGO activities and need to adopt…