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Social Stigma Associated with COVID-19

16 March 2020

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Social Stigma Associated with COVID-19

A guide to preventing and addressing social stigma.
Target audience: Government, media and local organisations working on the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


The comprehensive approach to civil-military crisis management. A critical analysis and perspective

The study identifies the dilemmas of the comprehensive approach (the neutrality of humanitarian intervention versus the armed commitment of states, the explicit cooperations between international organisations versus implicit cooperation, etc). It anticipates the consequences and¬†analyses the operational impact of the comprehensive approach for the military. Finally, it reinforces the academic…

The humanitarian cyberspace: shrinking space or an expanding frontier?

In an effort to contribute to a more critical understanding of the role of information and communications technology (ICT) in humanitarian action, this article explores the topography of the 'humanitarian cyberspace'

NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan: Enabling Security Transition

This document is the transcript for an event hosted by Chatham House, which took place on the 12th April 2011. The talk was by Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell on the NATO training of Afghanistan national forces, charting the successes and challenges. The event was chaired by Caroline Wyatt the…