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Staff Mgmt – Know Your Staff

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25 January 2021
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Staff Mgmt – Know Your Staff

 This RedR ‘talking point’ video demonstrates the importance of knowing your staff, particularly local staff and partners when operating abroad. This clip highlights the dangerous outcomes that can occur when working with staff you do not know and how they can take advantage of your dependability on them.


Guide to Producing Operational Requirements for Security Measures

The aim of this guide is to ensure that appropriate security measures are recommended to manage the risk to a level acceptable to all stakeholders.

GISF Lebanon Roundtable Notes: All sessions

The aim of this roundtable discussion, facilitated by GISF, was to provide members with an opportunity to share information, concerns, and questions with each other on responses to the evolving situation in Lebanon. This roundtable was not designed to provide an in-depth overview of the situation, but rather an opportunity…

GISF Webinar: Communications Technology and Humanitarian Delivery – Challenges and Opportunities for Security Risk Management

GISF teamed up with DisasterReady.org to host a webinar entitled ‘Communications Technology and Humanitarian Delivery: Challenges and Opportunities for Security Risk Management’. The webinar launches GISF’s new paper of the same title, and features engaging discussion on opportunities and challenges of communications technology in humanitarian delivery from Imogen Wall (the…