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The State of the Humanitarian System

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19 September 2022

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The State of the Humanitarian System

The State of the Humanitarian System 2022 looks at the period from January 2018 to December 2021, as well as drawing comparisons with our previous editions to take a 15-year long view.

It assesses the size, shape and performance of the humanitarian system against key criteria over time. It is independent and based on evidence from frontline practitioners, crisis-affected populations, academics, policy-makers and donors.

It draws on a mixture of qualitative and quantitative data from primary and secondary sources, including evaluation syntheses, quantitative reviews, surveys, interviews and focus group discussions, and longitudinal analysis of our unique 12-year dataset. Feedback and research outputs from affected populations form a significant part of the report.


Humanitarian actors’ risk management in complex environments: are private security companies a solution?

The paper highlights NGO'S increasing dilemma of having to choose between staying in extremely dangerous contexts at their own risk or giving up and leaving behind populations in need. The paper then raises the question of whether the use of private security can contribute to bring solutions- or not -…

SIIM Podcast: Building Trust at Field Level: The national perspective

In this episode of the Humanitarian Incidents podcast we speak to Nour Kossaibany, security lead at the International Rescue Committee. Nour explains why keeping national staff and local partner staff safe is critical for organisations and effective programme delivery. She discusses how security risk management and incident information can support this goal.