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Vehicle Travel Procedures Example

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23 January 2020

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Vehicle Travel Procedures Example

A document outlining vehicle travel procedures, which applies to all vehicles, including rentals.


Holistic Security: A Strategy Manual for Human Rights Defenders

The Holistic Security manual adopts an explicitly 'holistic' approach to security and protection strategies for human rights defenders by integrating and highlighting the interrelatedness of digital security, psycho-social well-being and organisational security processes.

Women responders: Placing local action at the centre of humanitarian protection programming

This global research report by CARE international aims to answer a key question: How is the humanitarian protection sector ensuring the participation and leadership of women responders?

GISF Information Leaflet

The GISF is a member-led network of NGO security focal points, committed to improving the security of humanitarian staff and operations for sustainable access. This leaflet provides information on what the GISF is, what it does, and the resources it provides.