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Training Document

Family Guy – Radio Communication

This Family Guy clip, in a comedic style, provides an insight into the correct way to conduct radio communication. The video specifically focuses on the proper use of ‘over’ within radio communication.  

19 Jan 2021 Resource

Being ‘Present’

A document for trainers- how to be ‘present’ in face-to-face trainings and if the trainer is unable to be physically present how can the same outcomes be achieved via virtual trainings. 

17 Dec 2020 Resource

Security Risk Management Toolkit: Digital Security

GISF partnered with Disaster Ready to turn our ‘Digital Security’ module into a short, interactive course accessible on their platform. The module outlines basic measures that ensure sound digital practices and mitigate risks faced by operations and staff. The COVID-19…

26 Nov 2020 Resource

Mobile Guides: Security Risk Management Toolkit

We worked with Disaster Ready to develop a collection of 6 short, interactive mobile guides on critical security topics. Based on our popular Security to Go guide, the mobile guides have been designed to help you protect yourself, your organisation,…

23 Nov 2020 Resource

CCHN Field Manual on Frontline Humanitarian Negotiation

The CCHN Field Manual (2018) builds on the collective experience and perspectives of numerous humanitarian practitioners working in some of the most challenging conflict environments. It offers a set of concrete tools and methods to plan and prepare negotiation processes…

6 Mar 2019 Resource

Basic Emergency Care: Approach to the Acutely Ill and Injured

Developed by WHO and ICRC, in collaboration with the International Federation for Emergency Medicine, Basic Emergency Care (BEC): Approach to the acutely ill and injured is an open-access 2018 training course for frontline healthcare providers who manage acute illness and injury with…

12 Feb 2019 Resource