Planning & Implementation

1. Security plans

Resources & Tools

Localised security plans should be established to manage risks to staff, assets and programmes in specific locations.  Documenting security arrangements helps staff understand the measures in place and, most importantly, adhere to them.

Security plans are essential country-level documents that outline the measures and procedures in place to manage security, and the responsibilities and resources required to implement them.

Security plans should be established in all locations where your organisation has significant presence, or where staff regularly visit, and should be based on a realistic analysis of the risks to staff and activities in those areas. 

Security plans are made up of several components, and address issues such as personal conduct, travel and movements, communications, vehicle use, facilities and site security, financial security, staff health and welfare, and information security.

Plans should be reviewed and updated regularly, especially following significant incidents or changes to the operating environment.  Plans, or at least key sections, should also be translated into local languages where necessary.

Resources & Tools