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GISF Compounding Crises Podcast Series

GISF’s Compounding Crises podcast series unpacks just some of the issues impacting humanitarian SRM (from COVID-19 and beyond) and offers insights from security professionals. Conversations explore the interlinked risks that face the sector, including: partnerships in crisis, digital security in the…

18 Nov 2022 Resource

GISF Publications Catalogue

GISF Publications GISF Briefing Papers and Reports GISF Briefing Papers and Reports investigate some of the key conceptual issues facing NGOs and security risk managers in humanitarian operations. The papers aim to consolidate theory in practice; many contain practical tools…

26 Sep 2022 Resource

GISF Podcast | Inclusive Security E4: Inclusive psychological safety

This is the fourth episode of GISF’s new Inclusive Security Podcast Series. This episode focuses on inclusive psychological safety featuring guest speaker Mo Ali, Coach & Co-founder of The Innovation. About the series: The Inclusive Security Podcast Series explores inclusivity…

16 Feb 2022 Resource