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Crisis Management for logkeepers

Crisis Management for logkeepers table
Start date8 Sep 2022
End date8 Sep 2022
Provider Forth Global
LocationLandgoed Zonheuvel, Doorn
Type Personal, Crisis, Security Risk Management, Crisis management, Security Management
Cost€ 275,-
Booking URLhttps://forthglobal.com/training/logkeepers-2/

Keeping track of all the information and being able to find it where and when it is needed is one of the challenges of the Crisis Management team. What Forth Global generally see is that organisations usually underestimate its importance and complexity, until they experience it.

But how do you manage all the different sets of information, decisions and tasks? What tools are there and what is the role of the logkeeper and Crisis Coordinator? This training shares best practice and tools and allows you to experience in a simulated setting what works and what not.

For whom?

For logkeepers, Crisis Management team assistants and Crisis Coordinators as part of the Crisis Management team.

Duration of the training:

1/2 day, start at 12:00 hours with a lunch.

What will you be doing during this day?

Forth Global training offers you an exchange of best practices, tools, experiences of others and practical exercises in information management in a crisis situation. They start with a general introduction of Crisis Management and the essential role of information management. Forth Global discuss the role of the logkeeper before, during and after the crisis, as well as essential skills. After the introduction of best practice and useful tools and systems they have a number of practical exercises lined up.

The Forth Global approach

Information management and logkeeping in Crisis Management has no single best solution. Crisis Team members should be able to work with familiar tools that feel intuitive. The logkeeper is not the assistant of all Crisis Management team members at the same time, but advises and facilitates the information management for every member.

Training results at the end of the day:

At the end of the day you will:

  • Understand the basics of Crisis Management and your role as logkeeper in the Crisis Management team.
  • Know how to advise the Crisis Coordinator and chairperson on information management.
  • Be familiar with best practice and available tools with regards to information management.
  • Be able to set up the information management system of your Crisis Management team in the best possible way, in order to support the functioning of the team.

About the trainers

The training will be facilitated by a senior crisis response consultant from Forth Global with over a decade of practical and teaching experience in crisis and incident response.


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