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Online Basic Hostile Environment Course

Online Basic Hostile Environment Course table
Start date10 Jan 2022
End date13 Jan 2022
Provider Eurocheck Security Consultants
Type Personal Security
Cost€300 + VAT
Booking URL

About the Course:

This intensive course is normally conducted over 4 mornings, is aimed at NGOs, journalists, human rights workers, and students who are planning to visit or work in medium or high-risk hostile environments. It will help you to prepare properly for your mission and for unexpected events that you may encounter while on mission. The course includes pre course reading a pre course video session. The course is also suitable as a refresher for individuals who have served overseas on previous occasions. Please contact Eurocheck Security Consultants if you have specific training requirements as they can adjust their courses to suit your needs.

Course Content/Outline:

  • Threat & Risk Assessment, Procedures & Evacuation Plans, Grab Bags.
  • General Security Awareness (Arriving, living, and working in a potentially hostile environment)
  • Identified Threats, Checkpoints, Car Jacking, Surveillance, Riots.
  • Avoiding and dealing with Kidnap.
  • Avoiding and dealing with Sexual Assault.
  • Introduction to Landmines, Unexploded Ordnance & IEDs and procedures.
  • Driving Procedures.
  • Negotiation Strategies, Body Language, Non-Verbal Communications


€300 + VAT @ 23% for the four days training and the pre course reading and video session.

Certificates issued to all participants who complete the course.

Regular clients and organisations sending five or more students may avail of a reduced fee.


For further information about this and other training courses please visit:

www.eurocheck.ie or contact the training team at +353868142446 or eurocheckcourses@gmail.com


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