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Online Refresher of Hazardous Environment Awareness Training (Re-HEAT)

Online Refresher of Hazardous Environment Awareness Training (Re-HEAT) table
Start date23 Mar 2021
End date24 Mar 2021
Provider Danish Refugee Council
LocationVirtual - Microsoft Teams
Type Personal
Cost380 USD
Booking URLhttps://drc.ngo/our-work/resources/heat-and-re-heat/

The overall objective of the online Refresher of Hazardous Environment Awareness Training (Re-HEAT) is to re-prepare participants to understand and react to safety and security incidents in hostile or hazardous environments.

The two-day course is designed for participants who have previously completed a HEAT and need a refresher of their knowledge and skills.

The training is an opportunity for professionals to reflect on experiences with Hazardous Environment Awareness since completing the HEAT. Participants will be re-trained to recognize and mitigate potential threats and respond appropriately to various safety and security incidents.

The online Re-HEAT course training are real time interactive, collaborative trainings, with simulations and exercises, where you will learn techniques on how to “take control of chaos”.

The number of participants is kept low to ensure direct contact between trainers and participants. The training will be facilitated by experienced expert trainers.

Safety and security training of the Danish Refugee Council focus on how to stay and operate, rather than on how and when to leave. Proactive and non-aggressive measures form the basis of the Danish Refugee Council’s approach to safety and security, and thus the Re-HEAT training.

Course elements:

  • Mental Health and Well being
  • Safety Risk Management System (SRMS)
  • Personal Safety – Mitigation and Response to Threats
  • Safety Management Tools
  • Radio and Phone Communications
  • Travel, Convoy & Vehicle Safety
  • Coping with Capture
  • Negotiation and Humanitarian Access
  • Mine and UXO Awareness
  • Refresher of Trauma Management


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