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Carle, Alexandre

OTHER SOLUTIONS is a dynamic and dedicated risk management and consultancy company supporting the humanitarian and development aid sector. Based in London, it has for…

29 Sep 2022 Affiliate

Pijpker, Sicko

Sicko has been a global security advisor for 16 years with ICCO and Kerk in Actie, half a year with Cordaid, also from this position…

29 Sep 2022 Affiliate

Tactical Tech: Annual Report 2021

Collaborating with over 150 partners in more than 58 countries, Tactical Tech designs and co-develops creative and forward-looking interventions, exhibitions, events and educational resources that invite people to think about how technology influences their lives and changes the world they…

27 Sep 2022 Resource

GISF Publications Catalogue

GISF Publications GISF Briefing Papers and Reports GISF Briefing Papers and Reports investigate some of the key conceptual issues facing NGOs and security risk managers in humanitarian operations. The papers aim to consolidate theory in practice; many contain practical tools…

26 Sep 2022 Resource

The Free Security Risk Management Essentials Certificate

GISF’s Research & Communications Assistant, Scarlett Moore, recently produced a blog for Disaster Ready, introducing the new Security Risk Management Essentials Certificate. The blog considers the value of accessible, affordable professional development opportunities for humanitarian security risk management and explores…

19 Sep 2022 Resource

The State of the Humanitarian System

The State of the Humanitarian System 2022 looks at the period from January 2018 to December 2021, as well as drawing comparisons with our previous editions to take a 15-year long view. It assesses the size, shape and performance of…

19 Sep 2022 Resource

NGO Security Collaboration Guide

The GISF NGO Security Collaboration Guide provides NGO security staff with advice and practical resources to support them in facilitating effective security collaboration with other organisations operating in the same context. The guide highlights the different models and options for…

14 Sep 2022 Resource

Why Humanitarian Security Risk Management Matters

Insecurity is the greatest barrier to access for humanitarian assistance. How exactly can security risk management help us to achieve safe, sustainable access for communities facing crises? Our new video explains what SRM is, why you need to know about…

1 Sep 2022 Resource