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Published: May 17, 2022

New GISF External Blog for the Jurist: New Risks and Old Challenges – Navigating Security Threats in Ukraine to Deliver Humanitarian Aid

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Since February 24, the war in Ukraine has left at least 15.7 million people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance and protection (UN OCHA). Many humanitarian agencies have scaled up their operations in response to the dramatic humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and its neighbouring countries. But in a war that has seen large-scale attacks on civilian infrastructure, journalists, hospitals, and humanitarian corridors, how can those working to keep humanitarian staff and programs safe ensure that humanitarian organizations can deliver much-needed aid to crisis-affected communities?

In this piece for the Jurist, GISF’s Chiara Jancke (Research Advisor) and Tara Arthur (Senior Projects and Memberships Officer) discuss the different types of risk NGO security managers have to navigate in Ukraine. You can find the entire publication here.