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Vision, Mission and values


Our vision is a world where NGOs have safe and sustainable access to people in need, enabled by robust and relevant security risk management practices.

We are determined to reduce security risks as a barrier to providing assistance, ensuring that the lives of those helping others are protected.

By fostering a culture at all levels of the NGO sector that prioritises and invests in strong security risk management (SRM) practices, we empower and support NGOs to work safely and sustainably with the world’s most vulnerable populations, even in the most challenging contexts.


We are a member-led organisation that strengthens NGO security practice worldwide by:

  • Maintaining and building from our expertise in humanitarian security risk management
  • Offering trusted platforms for coordination and knowledge sharing
  • Driving innovation, capturing best practice, and improving SRM capabilities
  • Supporting policy-makers and the humanitarian system to increase their understanding of SRM and maximise access to people in need
  • Working with the broader SRM ecosystem, to ensure members have access to the diverse individuals and professional services required to meet future sector needs.


Trust: Recognising that trust is crucial in challenging contexts, GISF is committed to creating safe and secure environments for positive professional interactions, fostering trust among our  members to encourage sharing and collaboration.

Relevance: Understanding that NGO security risk management is a highly specialised field, GISF adopts a member-driven approach in its work, ensuring that its initiatives and resources are relevant, forward-looking and aligned with the needs of all its members.

Inclusion: Believing that all NGOs, regardless of their location, specialisation or resources, should have access to best practice SRM resources and support for effective coordination, GISF is committed to advancing the localisation agenda and promoting accessibility and inclusion in the field of security risk management.

Humanitarian Principles: GISF operates according to the fundamentals of the humanitarian principles – humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence.

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