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Security Risk Management Toolkit: Digital Security

GISF partnered with Disaster Ready to turn our ‘Digital Security’ module into a short, interactive course accessible on their platform. The module outlines basic measures that ensure sound digital practices and mitigate risks faced by operations and staff. The COVID-19…

26 Nov 2020 Resource

Humanitarian Access SCORE Report: 2020 Global Synthesis

Access is the central and overriding problem in humanitarian action. Defined as both people’s ability to reach aid and aid’s ability to reach people, humanitarian access is the precondition for effective and principled emergency response. The worst conflict-driven humanitarian crises…

26 Nov 2020 Resource

Women In Security: Laura Van de Vloet, GISF

GISF’s Project and Membership Officer, Laura Van de Vloet, recently sat down for an interview with The Minerva Mission, to discuss Women in Security. The…

26 Nov 2020 Post

Humanitarian Aid Workers: The Forgotten First Responders

Abstract: Humanitarian aid workers are an overlooked population within the structure of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) research and assistance. This negligence is an industry-wide failure to address aid workers’ psychological health issues. The suspected numbers of death by suicide, diagnosed…

25 Nov 2020 Resource

Country Security Manager

Job Description A day in the life of a Country Security Manager in Liberia Seeking a Security career with impact? Serve as a Country Security…

25 Nov 2020 Vacancy