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ILS HEAT 3-day course

ILS HEAT 3-day course table
Start date29 Jul 2024
End date31 Jul 2024
Time2:00 pm BST |9:00 AM EDT
Provider International Location Safety (ILS)
LocationSussex, UK
Type Personal, Security, Personal Security, First aid, Field Security, HEAT, Field equipment, High incident behaviour, High risk area movement, Incident Reporting, Personal safety and security, Situational awareness
Cost£1250 + VAT (the fee payable is for 3 days residential training with 2 nights full board accommodation included)
Booking URLhttps://www.locationsafety.com/training-calendar

Our three-day ILS HEAT training (formerly known as SAFA) programme is delivered regularly in the UK (close to Gatwick Airport) and Kenya (close to Nairobi).

The course is delivered by a mixed-gender team of professional security advisors and medics, using up-to-date theory and best practice principles on risk mitigation, informed by our ongoing risk advisory field work around the world.

Throughout the programme, the instructors link three distinct topics:

Human Security:
The human factors that affect safety and security. Our team help delegates to understand the ‘drivers’ to interpersonal violence, and their own attitudes and responses to it.

Physical Security:
Abduction, blast threats, vehicle check points, weapon effects; the ILS team explore and explain tactics employed by armed actors around the world. Delegates will learn how to reduce their personal and team vulnerabilities to these threats.

First Aid:
Basic Life Support for remote locations where access to definitive care is not easily accessible. The reality of delivering this kind of first aid can mean improvising equipment, and making difficult and pressured decisions.

At the end of the training, delegates will be able to:
• Conduct a context analysis and a personal travel risk assessment
• Explain their personal responses to risk
• Identify measures that reduce personal and team vulnerability to a range of threats
• Describe actions to take in the event of an incident occurring to reduce its impact
• List key protective equipment that can be used to increase personal safety
• Demonstrate how to communicate effectively during a critical incident
• Practice Basic Life Support


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