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BBC Radio 4 | Hacking and cybercrime

Scott Shapiro, Alice Hutchings and Jenny Radcliffe explore the world of hacking and cybercrime, with Tom Sutcliffe. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001mssj  

19 Jun 2023 Resource

GISF Podcast Series: Evolving NGO Security Risk Management

Welcome to the official launch of GISF’s new Evolving NGO Security Risk Management (SRM) podcast series. We invite you to follow along and not miss an episode of this dynamic series by subscribing to The GISF Podcast on your preferred…

22 Feb 2023 Resource

GISF Compounding Crises Podcast Series

GISF’s Compounding Crises podcast series unpacks just some of the issues impacting humanitarian SRM (from COVID-19 and beyond) and offers insights from security professionals. Conversations explore the interlinked risks that face the sector, including: partnerships in crisis, digital security in the…

18 Nov 2022 Resource

Can we trust the aid sector to keep people safe?

Safeguarding Matters is a podcast series hosted by the Safeguarding Resource and Support Hub where they discuss matters relating to safeguarding and Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment in the aid sector. Conversations are conducted with thought leaders and practitioners…

28 Jul 2022 Resource

GISF Podcast | Inclusive Security E6: Security Managers of Today

This is the sixth episode of GISF’s new Inclusive Security Podcast Series. This episode focuses on Security Managers of Today featuring guest speaker Javeria Ayaz Malik, Global Safety and Security Lead at ActionAid International and Chair of the International NGO…

27 Jul 2022 Resource