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GISF Podcast: The donors’ perspective

Michael Kramer is the Head of the Security Section at the Crisis Management Centre of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). In this EISF in Conversation podcast episode, Michael discusses the differences between security risk management for governments and NGOs.…

20 Dec 2017 Resource

GISF Podcast: Improving access through coordination

Lisa Reilly, Executive Director at GISF, is committed to improving humanitarian security risk management through sharing of information and coordination between as many actors as possible. In this episode of the EISF in Conversation podcast, Lisa shares stories about how…

1 Dec 2017 Resource

GISF podcast: What does a Global Security Advisor do?

In the third episode of the GISF in Conversation podcast series, Heather Hughes, Oxfam GB’s Global Security Advisor, speaks about what security risk management means to her organisation. She highlights the benefits and importance of security risk management and challenges perception…

18 Oct 2017 Resource

GISF Podcast: How does security risk management enable access?

In the first EISF in Conversation podcast, Loretta Minghella OBE, CEO of Christian Aid, speaks about how security risk management enables access. She discusses good practice and goes on to explain how to embed security risk management in humanitarian programmes. Loretta also considers…

8 Sep 2017 Resource

GISF Podcast: First Series

The EISF in Conversation podcast was launched in September 2017. The podcast investigates different perspectives and aspects of humanitarian security risk management. The aim is to raise awareness of security risk management, encourage a better understanding of what security risk management can…

1 Sep 2017 Resource