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Published: July 10, 2024

State of Practice report in three new languages!

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GISF’s State of Practice report is now available in French, Spanish and Arabic, reaching a wider audience of security professionals.

The Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF) has an ongoing mission to enhance security risk management – all over the world. With this in mind, we are proud to announce the translation of our State of Practice report into French, Spanish, and Arabic. These new translations underscore GISF’s commitment to creating resources that are inclusive and accessible for security professionals worldwide.

The report provides a global review of humanitarian security risk management, highlighting key developments in recent years. Targeted to a broad audience of humanitarian practitioners, policymakers and security risk management professionals, the report also identifies several key recommendations. It aims to ensure that security risk management is ‘fit for purpose’, enabling continued humanitarian access to crisis-affected populations.

By translating this essential document into three of the most widely spoken languages globally, GISF aims to bridge communication gaps and support a broader audience in implementing effective security measures.

Christian Kriticos, GISF’s Communications Lead emphasised the importance of this effort. “Ensuring our resources are accessible in multiple languages is key to our strategy for supporting security professionals – all around the world,” he said. “The translation of the State of Practice report will enable a more diverse range of organisations to benefit from the vital security guidance it provides.

“These new documents will also help French, Spanish, and Arabic-speaking security managers to better understand and apply best practices in their contexts. And it will improve their capacity to safeguard their teams and operations.”

A shorter summary brief of the report is available in French, Spanish, Arabic, Amharic and Ukrainian.

The translated reports and summary briefs can be accessed on the GISF website. You can download the translated content on the left of the page in the yellow boxes.

GISF encourages security professionals and organisations to take advantage of these new resources to strengthen their security risk management practices. We also hope you can share the materials with your language and regional security networks.

In addition to the translations, you can also access a recording from our launch event for the State of Practice report here. In the recording, you will hear from one of the lead authors, as well as the reaction of attendees.

To see GISF’s full range of translated content, please visit the resources page, where you can filter content by language.