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WHO Immersive Learning Project

VR project to support the WHO’s Emergency Medical Teams programme This project was developed in partnership with the World Health Organisation, the UK’s International Search…

5 Mar 2021 Event

Knowmium – Icebreakers

Knowmium has created a variety of tools to help you improve your virtual trainings with interactive virtual icebreakers. Such as quizzes, polls, stories and many more. Access the resources here. 

2 Mar 2021 Resource

Knowmium’s Radically Remote Book

Knowmium has created a book, called ‘Radically Remote’, to help everyone understand how to make the virtual leap. This book has been designed to be used in conjunction with Knowmium’s Radical Resource Toolkit. 

2 Mar 2021 Resource

Knowmium – Zoom and Apps Tutorials

Knowmium have created a range of video tutorials to show you how to make the most of zoom and other apps to improve virtual engagement. Access here.

2 Mar 2021 Resource