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With regular contributions from the GISF Secretariat and guest experts, the GISF Blog explores a range of topical, contextual and theoretical developments affecting the practice of humanitarian SRM.

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Seven aspects to consider when entering a new NGO partnership

Legal Obligations, Policy Guidance

In this blog, Eva Nolle highlights seven key aspects for an INGO to consider with regards to partnerships with an international or local NGO. It is also relevant for other partnerships between local NGOs and organisations engaging contracted services.

5 Sep 2018

Going Local, Going Safely

NGO Security Management, Policy Guidance, Safety

In this blog, Adelicia Fairbanks reflects on a recent event at the ICRC Humanitarium which brought panellists from around the world together to discuss the security challenges posed by the global push towards the localisation of humanitarian action.

8 Aug 2018

Key learnings from the 2018 GISF Forum in Utrecht

NGO Security Management

In this blog, Andrew Eckert highlights some of the key learnings from three sessions at the March 2018 GISF Forum: the Rohingya refugee crisis and its implications for humanitarian security, tackling fraud and corruption in NGOs and preparing staff for mission deployments.

16 May 2018

Investing at the sharp end of risk

NGO Security Management

It is widely acknowledged in the humanitarian and development sectors that local and national staff are often exposed to higher levels of risk than their international colleagues. In this blog, Kelsey Hoppe explores the need for NGOs to increase investment in security training for local and national staff and suggests why this can pose challenges.

28 Feb 2018

Yemen and bank de-risking: the impact on local NGOs

Context Analysis, Legal Obligations

Over the last few years, GISF has endeavoured to deepen the sector’s understanding of the effects of counter-terrorism legislation, including bank de-risking, on the security of aid operations and aid staff. In this blog, Adelicia Fairbanks, GISF's Research Advisor, takes a closer look at Yemen and the implications of de-risking on local aid actors.

13 Feb 2018