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Published: July 4, 2023

Call for Proposals: Neutrality, Access, and Making Localisation Work

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GISF is seeking a researcher or a team of researchers to produce an upcoming paper on Neutrality, Access, and Making Localisation Work.

The aim of this research paper (40 pages maximum) is to examine the link between the humanitarian principle of neutrality, acceptance-based security strategies, access, and the localisation of aid. The paper will begin by examining how the role of neutrality in acceptance-based security strategies has evolved. It will then go on to examine the intersection between neutrality and the localisation of aid and identify the implications for the selection and management of partnerships between local and international actors, and for the security and access of aid workers and aid programmes.

Based on the findings, the paper will provide a number of practical recommendations to help organisations and staff involved in partnerships and aid worker security to effectively navigate the interplay between neutrality, localisation, access, and security.

Interested candidates should submit the following to Scarlett Moore at gisf-ra@gisf.ngo:

  • A cover letter (max. one page) stating your interest and qualifications.
  • CV(s) of the proposed research team members and/or introduction of institute, company, and primary investigators.
  • Links to one or two sample research works.
  • A full proposal based on the project description and guidance provided above, including a detailed plan outlining how you propose to meet the states timeframe and milestones.

The deadline for proposals is 21 July.

For more information, find the full call for proposals here.