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Published: April 15, 2019

Call for research proposals

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EISF is seeking to hire a research consultant or team of research consultants to carry out research for its forthcoming publication on Partnerships and Security Risk Management: from the local partner perspective.

The aim of the research is to learn and present the most effective ways for international aid organisations to engage in security discussions, coordination, arrangements and capacity building in order to effectively support local and national partner organisations’ capacity to identify and manage security risks, in accordance with the needs identified by local rather than international organisations.

The research will involve gathering data from local, national and international organisations in three separate humanitarian contexts. The findings will inform the development of an GISF research paper. Upon successful completion of the research paper, the researcher(s) will be asked to develop an GISF guide on the learnings emerging from the research to inform future GISF capacity building events.

Individuals interested in submitting a proposal to carry out this project are asked to please submit their proposal by the 10th of May 2019. For more information see: https://gisfprod.wpengine.com/vacancy/request-for-research-proposal-partnerships-and-security-risk-management-from-the-local-partner-perspective/