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Published: June 12, 2019

Charity Commission releases findings of Oxfam GB Inquiry

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The Charity Commission for England and Wales has released the findings of its statutory inquiry into Oxfam GB. The 150-page report finds that the organisation failed to take appropriate actions in response to the events of staff misconduct in Haiti in 2011, repeatedly failed to manage safeguarding risks and, despite improvements in 2018, overall its culture and procedures fell below expectations.

In the foreword from the Chair, Baroness Stowell writes that;

‘Being on the side of good is also no guarantee against leaders focussing on the wrong issues, prioritising the wrong things, or missing opportunities to put matters right. Sound processes and systems in charities are crucial to prevent this, but still more important are the people, the attitude and behaviours they display, and the culture they promote.’

The report is available to read online.

See GISF’s collection of resources on safeguarding at https://gisfprod.wpengine.com/theme/safeguarding-aid-workers/, and follow our Twitter campaign at #EISFSafeguarding.