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Published: January 30, 2017

Deber de Cuidado: Marco jurídico y principales herramientas (Duty of Care in Spain: Legal framework and main tools)

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The report “Duty of Care: Legal Framework and main tools” was recently written by Gonzalo de Palacios for la Coordinadora de ONG para el Desarollo de España. This report, written in Spanish, reviews how duty of care should be approached by Spanish entities that have staff working abroad. The document analyses how Spanish national labour laws should be applied, taking into account the sector’s good practices. The report also looks into how some donors approach security risk management when dealing with NGOs, and also briefly reviews three real cases with implications for duty of care: Steve Dennis vs NRC, Flavia Wagner vs Samaritan’s Purse and dengue patient vs MSF-Spain. The report reflects on the interventions and conclusions of the duty of care seminar that took place in Madrid on the 22nd of November 2016, whose participants included Lisa Reilly, among others. The report concludes with a mapping of resources in English, French and Spanish that can be used for security risk management.

You can find the report here. Please note that it is in Spanish.