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Published: January 10, 2017

GISF Article on Security Information Sharing Technology

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When a security incident occurs, knowing rapidly what has happened is key to supporting the victims and helping colleagues respond safely. Sharing information on security is also key when preparing or updating risk analyses, as well as when it comes to briefing staff, informing them of security plans or when preparing an assessment.

On behalf of GISF, Gonzalo de Palacios is currently writing an article for the Communications Technology Hub that will analyse the technology organisations use to share security-related information amongst staff. The article will focus primarily on security information shared within an organisation, particularly information from internal sources (e.g. incidents) but also external (e.g. news reports). The article will look at, for example, online reporting systems like Ushahidi. The article will also provide an overview of how social networks can help with sharing security-related information within an organisation.

The purpose of this article is to better understand the technology organisations use to share security-related information internally, in order to help readers improve their understanding of the systems that are available and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

A number of organisations already have such systems in place, while others are starting to consider using them. Questions around using open source vs. commercial solutions, the confidentiality of information, production of statistics, etc., are issues of interest to all organisations considering these technologies.

If your organisation is using a particular platform/software to share security-related information internally (e.g. security incidents), GISF would like to hear from you! We would greatly appreciate learning more about the technology you use and your impressions of it to inform the article being developed. Please get in touch with Adelicia at eisf-research@eisf.helpful.ws.