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Does the Triple Nexus compromise Security Risk Management in fragile contexts? | GISF at HNPW

Does the Triple Nexus compromise Security Risk Management in fragile contexts? | GISF at HNPW table
Date26 Apr 2023
Time4:00 pm 5:00 pm CEST |10:00 am11:00 am EDT
AddressInternational Conference Centre (CICG) in Geneva and Virtual
Type Virtual, In-person
Booking URLhttps://vosocc.unocha.org/Report.aspx?page=o0t9pExuBwNFvxxxslashQYr0MUmUmW5AxxxplusLO7cJg5xxxplusDGsoMSIhzFubjxruaYQxxxequalxxxequal


The triple Nexus refers to the interlinkages between emergency relief, international development, and peacebuilding when and where appropriate. The Nexus continues long-running efforts to link humanitarian and development actions to peace efforts building long-term resilience, especially in protracted crises, complex emergencies, or situations of chronic vulnerability.

However, under the Nexus approach, there is a risk of compromising on humanitarian principles in favor of development or peace targets. In fragile settings where the Nexus approaches are employed, an integrated approach bringing together all humanitarian, development and peace actors should be implemented to ensure delivery of independent, neutral and impartial assistance to affected population while ensuring the safety and security of aid workers.

This session is expected to explore the challenges and opportunities that the Triple Nexus programming poses for Security Risk Management among implementing partners. Are agencies putting community acceptance at risk when they actively deliver on all three objectives? What does this mean for frontline aid workers’ security? How can humanitarian and development agencies work side by side on sensitive issues? Case studies from DR Congo and Ethiopia will be used to highlight some of the practical concerns and help us identify solutions.


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