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Interactive Security Training | GISF at HNPW

Interactive Security Training | GISF at HNPW table
Date26 Apr 2023
Time11:00 am 1:00 pm CEST |5:00 am7:00 am EDT
AddressInternational Conference Centre (CICG) in Geneva
Type In-person
Booking URLhttps://vosocc.unocha.org/Report.aspx?page=o0t9pExuBwNFvxxxslashQYr0MUmUmW5AxxxplusLO7cJFTJrUSQ6p5iYIRYJexxxplusoN2Qxxxequalxxxequal


Are your operations secure enough? Join us for an immersive live simulation!

Crisis management is an integral part of managing risks, but simulating the conditions for people to practice for that ‘just in case’ scenario is not always easy. How is your organisation planning for that worst case scenario? Are your teammates prepared enough?

Join our interactive live simulation to experience first-hand why you need to embed crisis response and security risk management into your operations.

In this realistic exercise, you will need to deal with a crisis. Your decisions have an impact on your team members and the populations they serve. Your goal will be to control the narrative, deal with public opinion, and make sure those in danger are helped on time.

Experience the consequences of your plans in a safe environment to understand the impact your actions would have in the real world.


  • Conducttr
  • Lisa Reilly, Independent Consultant


Salle 14

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If you have any questions on registration, please reach out to Megan (gisf-info@gisf.ngo)

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