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Published: May 15, 2023

GISF Welcomes New Business Partner: AMBRELIA

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GISF is pleased to announce our latest business partnership with AMBRELIA.

AMBRELIA is a specialist insurance broker, providing bespoke advice and support for NGOs on medical and security evacuation, health insurance, and more. They advise INGOs on setting up crisis management (kidnap and ransom) insurance to protect aid workers in the field, even in high risk countries. Since 2013, they have worked with international organisations and NGOs to help protect staff working anywhere in the world and provide personalised guidance on their insurance needs.

GISF is committed to achieving sustainable access for crisis-affected populations and keeping aid workers safe by driving positive change in security risk management through research, events, and collaboration. Our business partnership programme enables companies to support our members across the humanitarian, development, and human rights sectors to safeguard the physical and psychological wellbeing of staff supporting communities affected by global crises. The programme provides an opportunity for businesses to drive positive change and contribute to the successful delivery of aid programmes. It also provides access for partners to a range of resources and expertise to keep their own people safe.

AMBRELIA Director Stéphane Lorey said: ‘Both GISF and AMBRELIA share the same values and a mutual purpose to protect NGOs’ staff in the field. This is why AMBRELIA has chosen to support GISF through this partnership and is pleased to advise its members’.

We are thrilled to have AMBRELIA’s support as we work to enable aid workers to carry out programmes safely and sustainably.